Louisiana DeafBlind Project for Children and Youth

Does your child have a vision and a hearing loss?

We can help!

The Louisiana Deafblind Project for Children and Youth (LADBP) provides educational support to students and children (birth to 22-years) with varying degrees of combined hearing and vision losses, visual and auditory processing issues, or diagnosed progressive loss.

Services are confidential and are provided at no cost. Students can receive services regardless of their special education classification.

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 About DeafBlindness

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Deafblindness affects more than 10,000 children between birth and 21 years of age in the United States.

Deafblindness has over 70 known causes, including Usher's syndrome, CHARGE syndrome, meningitis, and rubella.

Appropriate education must address both the hearing and vision impairment, as well as any other disabilities that may be present.

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