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Expedited Reinstatement (EXR) for SSDI

EXR is a safety net for those persons who successfully return to work and later lose their entitlement to SSDI payments. If your cash payments ended because of your work and earnings, and you stop work within 5 years of when your benefits ended, SSA may be able to start your benefits again.

If you have stopped receiving benefits due to your work, you may be able to restart them again without a new application. The EXR provision allows a person to receive up to 6 months of temporary cash benefits while SSA conducts a medical review to determine whether the person can be reinstated to benefits. The person may also be eligible for Medicare and/or Medicaid during the provisional benefit period.

You are eligible to request EXR if you meet all the following requirements: Previous entitlement to SSDI benefits was terminated due to performance of SGA; or previous SSI disability/blindness eligibility was terminated because of excess earned income or a combination of earned and unearned income;

For a complete explanation go to SSA Online and view the Redbook section or contact your local Benefits Planner by calling 1-866-YOURTICKET (1-866-968-7842).

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