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Employment Progress: five_coin

Before Hurricane Issac came through Louisiana in September 2012, Robert and Rufus shared a group home apartment. Unfortunately, the hurricane badly damaged their house and restoration work is stalled due to insurance problems. The hope is that the work will be finished before the summer of 2013. In the meantime, Robert is staying with his brother and his wife. He is closest with a sister who lives about an hour and they talk on the phone at least once a day.
Robert is a huge sports fan.  He particularly loves the New Orleans Saints and especially the quarterback Drew Brees. Before the hurricane, Robert’s bedroom was a tribute to the Saints. He had the bed spread, the sheets, the curtains, and posters all over the walls. Unfortunately, this was the room most badly damaged by the hurricane and all the Saints decorations were lost. When asked what he wants to do with the extra income from a job, Robert wants “to buy things for (his) house”.
Robert also likes to go on date nights with his girlfriend. Usually they go out to eat or to the movies. Their favorite restaurant is to the Chinese buffet. While the latest movie featuring “The Rock” qualifies as his favorite. On the weekends Robert says he “chills out on the couch”.
When asked about what he likes to do most, Robert always replies “I like to work.” Robert works 5 days a week on a mobile crew providing cleaning services. A competitive job will give Robert the opportunity to earn more money in order to refurnish his house and take his girlfriend out more often.

Eligibility - Apply for employment servicesone_coin
Assessment - Job preferences are foundtwo_coin
Job Development- Looking for jobsthree_coin
Job Placement- Land the Job
Training- Get trained on the job site by Job Coach
Supports- Job aides and helpful coworkers are found
Fading- Job Coach spends less and less time at job site
Follow Along- Job Coach only needs to stop by twice a month to check up

Robert's Job Path

Job Development and Placement

During Job Development, the grocery store's front end manager told the Employment Specialist that they needed a "Buggy Boy" to return shopping carts from the parking lot for their peak hours each day. Since Robert had indicated that he did not object to working outdoors, he was brought in for an interview.

Robert's interview took place in the general manager's office overlooking the store. His office resembled an airplane cockpit. Through large windows, Robert could view almost every aisle of the large store. Other parts of the store could be viewed from closed circuit TV monitors.

Trying to break the ice, the general manager began with the question "What do you like to do?" A little nervous and taking the interview very seriously, Robert replied "I like to work". The general manager was clearly impressed by Robert's seriousness and determination to work, because he told Robert he could start the following Monday. After the interview, the first thing Robert did was to call his sister and proudly tell her "I got a job".

Job Training

The first week of work, Robert learned the job duties of a "buggy boy": retrieving carts, clearing the carts of trash, parking carts near the store entrance, and assisting customers in putting their groceries in their cars. In this video, we see Robert and his Job Coach in the initial stages of training how to park the carts.

After one week of retrieving carts, Robert was called in the store to learn how to bag customer groceries. For this task, the Job Coach created a job task analysis log to keep track of training. Every day, the Job Coach records the types of prompts, if any, that are used for each task. Prompting can be verbal, gesture, modeling or physical. When tasks can be performed independently, the job coach can start to back off the support.


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