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Employment Progress: three_coin

Kimtrell has a beautiful smile and is always in a good mood. She is friendly and patient with everyone she meets.  She has been attending the Day Program at Strive for several years, where she enjoys helping others in any way she can. If she sees a need she fills it. Most useful is her uncanny ability to keep track of where everyone is at all times. This has earned her many friends among the clients, the staff and even the occasional visitor.

Strive’s program offers job related training, facility based work and supported employment. At Strive, Kimtrell works on sorting Mardi Gras beads, Arts and Crafts, and Computer Literacy. She also participates in what is called Community Integration, which includes activities such as volunteering at a local food bank. She feels she is now ready to try new things and is very interested in finding part time employment.  Her family is extremely supportive of her decision.

In addition to attending Strive during the week, Kimtrell works on a mobile crew cleaning office spaces. Her job duties are sweeping, mopping, emptying the trash and cleaning the restrooms. Her supervisor says she is a hard worker and assists with the supervision. So much that other members of the mobile crew almost consider her a supervisor.

Kimtrell lives in a shotgun with her mother, her grandmother and her two sisters. On the weekends, Kimtrell goes to sporting events or shopping with her family members. She also enjoy going out to eat as often as she can.

Eligibility - Apply for employment servicesone_coin
Assessment - Job preferences are foundtwo_coin
Job Development- Looking for jobsthree_coin
Job Placement- Land the Job
Training- Get trained on the job site by Job Coach
Supports- Job aides and helpful coworkers are found
Fading- Job Coach spends less and less time at job site
Follow Along- Job Coach only needs to stop by twice a month to check up

Kimtrell Job Path

Assessment: Person Centered Planning



The Employment Specialist met with Kimtrell three different times in three different places in the community.  Each meeting provided the Employment Specialist with more information about Kimtrell’s interests and preferences. This is known as the Community Based Assessment, which is used to get to know the job seeker in order to make the most fitting job recommendations.

Kimtrell’s mother participated in the first Community Based Assessment meeting to give the Employment Specialist insight to Kimtrell and her home life. At home, Kimtrell helps with the daily chores where she makes her bed, helps cook and clean, and folds laundry. When asked what kind of work she would like to do, Kimtrell’s first response was to work in a restaurant - just like her mother.

The second meeting for the Community Based Assessment was at a coffee shop where Kimtrell ordered a Latte with extra sugar. Here she watched all the employees at their jobs to get a sense of what working in a restaurant would actually be like.

The third meeting for the Community Based Assessment was at an office in the LSU School of Allied Health Professionals where she completed various copying and filing tasks. She copied, scanned and filed documents for about an hour with minimal instruction. This helped the Employment Specialist identify work skills, preferences and support needs.

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