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Gage lives with his mother having recently graduated from high school. He spends most of his free time on his computer and gaming, often well into the night. Gage's personal best for non-stop gaming is thirty six hours. His room resembles command central with a big screen TV, Xbox console, laptop and phone at his fingertips. He plays his video games on the big screen TV using a joystick attached to his Xbox. He uses his laptop to chat with his many friends, send emails, and check Facebook. Some friends he has never even met face-to-face even though he has been communicating with them for years over the internet.

Eligibility - Apply for employment servicesone_coin
Assessment - Job preferences are foundtwo_coin
Job Development- Looking for jobsthree_coin
Job Placement- Land the Job
Training- Get trained on the job site by Job Coach
Supports- Job aides and helpful coworkers are found
Fading- Job Coach spends less and less time at job site
Follow Along- Job Coach only needs to stop by twice a month to check up

Gages's Job Path


Gage wants to get a job to earn some extra money to buy new video games. Gage does not really know what type of job interests him as he has never had a job before. Apart from computers and gaming, he is interested in psychology, forensics and of course, anything to do with zombies. Due to his medical condition, Gage needs a job that is indoors in a safe environment and, it should go without saying, is wheelchair accessible.
Transportation is also an issue that needs to be addressed before he can start a job. To date, his mother has been his sole mode of transportation, taking him to school and appointments in an adapted van. She is willing to drive him to and from work provided it would fit into her work schedule but it was clear that he would need a backup plan to increase his flexibility and independence. He applied for a pass to his local adapted transportation service which will be able to transport him curb-to-curb with an advanced reservation.

Job Development

Given Gage’s job preferences, the Employment Specialist suggested looking into the Louisiana State Civil Service Jobs available online at For these types of jobs there is an application process which includes registering for an online account. Also, many of the jobs listed require a test in order to apply; these include positions for Office Support, Law Enforcement, Accounting/Booking and Engineering. Gage looked over the available positions and decided to take the test for an Office Support Job requiring the Clerical Office & Administrative Support Test (COAST). When scheduling the test, Gage needed to send in a written request for accommodations. He requested additional time and a scribe to complete the scantron “bubbles” since he has difficulties with manual tasks. The State Civil Service office approved his request and set a testing time, date and place.
Gage prepared for the test by taking the sample test on line and looking at some other practice tests. According to Gage, it was “going to be a piece of cake” except for the early time of 7:45 AM, “Holy moley... I've gotta get my sleep schedule back on track before the test then”.
Unfortunately a few days before the test was to take place, Gage's back acted up and he was unable to stay in a sitting position for more than an hour. He was forced to cancel the test and notified the state civil service office so they could cancel the scribe. Then Gage began having second thoughts about the job. If taking a test to apply for the job created such issues, imagine what issues the actual job would cause. He then decided that he would rather have a job he could do from home.

Job Placement

Shortly thereafter, a friend of his offered him a contract to manage the Facebook page of a local band, His job duties include updating the page with news about tour dates, music releases, media events, online radio shows and twitter feeds. This job is ideal for Gage because he is able to pursue his interest in computers and his environment and transportation issues are addressed.

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